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World Development Report 2022

Finance for an Equitable Recovery - World Development Report 2022

The interconnected risks faced now by households, businesses, banks and governments could trigger a global financial chain reaction not seen in generations. This event will launch the 2022 World Development Report (WDR) and frame the public conversation on how governments should prioritize where to take policy action first and how to best allocate scarce resources to support the recovery.

The World Bank
Fragility and Conflict

Addressing fragility is critical for development

In his latest blog, World Bank Group President David Malpass looks at how the COVID-19 pandemic and related shutdowns are challenging the effectiveness of civil and institutional structures around the world and adding to fragility and violence, resulting in interrelated crises for foreign policy, development, and economics.

The World Bank
Weekly Quiz

Take Our Weekly Quiz and Learn If You Are A Development Genius

In a new feature, we are offering a weekly quiz, designed to put your brain to the test and learn how much you truly know about our work at the World Bank. This week features three questions about disability and inclusion. Take our quiz and find out if you are a Development Genius!

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